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Instalment Solutions for Businesses!

Buy Now, Pay Later with du-it. Easily allow your business purchases to be paid in interest free instalments.

No Interest | No Hassle | No Worries

du-it BIZ - What we do

du-it allows B2B manufacturers & wholesalers to get paid upfront - while their business customers can pay in interest-free instalment with pre-approved credit limit.

Digital B2B BNPL Platform

Seamless end-to-end digital experience for businesses which is secure and easy to adopt

Holistic Solution

Caters for both online and offline payments through a wide variety of web & mobile payment channels (omni-channel)

Shariah Compliant

One of the first Shariah Compliant B2B BNPL covering a wide range of industries.

Why partner with du-it BIZ?

Increase customer loyalty and sales conversion

Providing payment flexibility for your customers would greatly improve customer retention and increase sales conversion

Get paid upfront

Make a sale and get paid upfront without having to worry about credit risk.

Quick & Easy integration (FREE)

Seamless API integration covering a wide variety of web and mobile commerce channels all at no cost

Acquire new customers

Enjoy the benefit of being part of the du-it ecosystem and acquire new business easily

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Why would your customers benefit from du-it?

Smaller, Easier Payments

Businesses get an alternative purchase financing solution which gives them the choice to pay in smaller, easy to pay instalment which improves their cashflow.


Businesses pay for exactly what they procure for in instalment with no interest charged.

Fully Transparent

All transactions can be easily tracked with our user-friendly dashboard to manage all their repayments and expenditures in real-time with no hidden or associated costs.

Repayment flexibility

Customers can either choose to extend their instalment for a fixed fee or choose to make early payment with no early payment penalty.

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