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Buy Now, Pay Later with du-it. Enhance your customer experience with du-it’s white-label BNPL solution

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du-it, it's your choice!

du-it offers a smarter way of living in an ever-changing world. Catering to the unique needs of every individual. We make living fun!

Easy & Secure

Pay and transact in a secure environment with our state-of-the-art technology without any worries


Enjoy using du-it both online and in-store (offline) whenever as you wish

Instant Approval

With quick and easy sign up, enjoy du-it instantly!

How it Works?


Pay using du-it at checkout by scanning the QR Code


Choose to pay between 4 equal monthly instalments with no interest!


Track your spending via the app and enjoy shopping!


Choose du-it at checkout to make the payment


Choose to pay between 4 equal monthly instalments with no interest!


Track your spending via the app and enjoy shopping!

User Benefits

du-it allows you to shop stress-free with no hidden costs.
Split your purchase over 4 equal payments with no interest. Pay only 25% today and get what you love, right away.
We make shopping fun. It's your choice!

Smaller, Easier Payments

Users get an alternative payment solution which gives them a choice to pay in smaller, easy to pay instalments


Allows users to make 4 equal interest-free monthly instalments with no extra charges if the dues are paid on time

Fully Transparent

With no extra charges or hidden costs to the users when paid on time. Users can track their spending, manage their dues and opt to make early payments in real time using du-it.

Easy Extension

Allow instalment extension (with a fixed fee) and early settlement option at NO COST

Why offer BNPL to your customers?

You can boost your sales with du-it’s white-label BNPL solution by providing your customers the freedom to divide their payments into 4 equal interest-free instalments

Higher Conversion Higher Sales

Increase the Sales conversion rate at the point of checkout and avoid high fall off rate

Improve Customer Retention & Loyalty

Interest-free Instalment payment option promotes quicker and more consistent sales among your established consumer base as well cultivates strong customer loyalty.

Give Payment Flexibility to Your Customers

BNPL solution provides customers with flexible payment option by allowing them to make smaller and more manageable payments

Acquire New Customers to Your Ecosystem

BNPL solution attracts a wider range of people from various economical background, which helps to grow and acquire new customers

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